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Steps to Establish an Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship globally has skyrocketed. Research by Forbes magazine indicates that 81% of students would like to pursue entrepreneurship. It’s clear that entrepreneurship is a priority for students. Schools must figure out a way to tap directly into the student’s passion and expand this mindset. In this webinar we will examine the reasons to create an entrepreneurship program as well as the necessary elements of a strong program. Our goal is to help schools and organizations establish a strong foundation, address an unmet need, and help students make the most of this unique opportunity. Based on our research these are the most compelling reasons to incorporate an entrepreneurship program for your students:

  • Prepare for the future

  • Build confidence and critical thinking skills

  • Improve innovative thinking

  • Enhance problem identification skills

  • Take advantage of possibilities

  • Boosts leadership skills

  • Diversify skillset

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Information acquired from this webinar is for internal use only and will NOT be sold to any Third-Party Vendors, and communications can include emails and/or phone calls.

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