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  • Can I log into the BridgePrep software from any computer with my user name and password, or am I limited to one computer?​"
    Yes, you can log into BridgePrep from any internet-connected computer. However, you can only be logged into one computer at a time.​
  • Can I download the online lessons, simulations and other content?"
    The training can only be viewed online. It cannot be downloaded to a computer. We do provide worksheets and learning aids that you may download.
  • How do I contact BridgePrep?
    You can contact us at
  • How often does BridgePrep update the content on the website?
    In order to continually improve your experience we do releases once a week.
  • Do you offer discounts to schools and other organizations?
    Yes, education institutions and other organizations are eligible for discounts. Please contact us at for group pricing.
  • How do the recommendations work?
    The software analyzes your performance and activity to provide a customized recommendation. The software instantly incorporates logic from industry experts into the recommendations.
  • When are new lessons added?
    New lessons are added to the system on a weekly basis.
  • Do the lessons work with iPhones and iPads?
    Our lessons are flash based so unfortunately you cannot access the lessons on an iPhone or iPad. We are working to provide our lessons on these devices in the future.
  • Can I keep the worksheets?
    Some of our lessons include worksheets and learning aid. You are able to download the worksheets to your computer. We encourage you to keep the worksheets and continue to use them to practice.
  • Where do your industry experts come from?
    We identify individuals with significant work experience and individuals we believe to be thought leaders. These experts are graduates from the most prestigious school and companies in the world. We want to provide the most relevant information to you.
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