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Whether you have an idea, just getting started or a seasoned entrepreneur BridgePrep Innovate is for you. We work with seasoned and successful entrepreneurs from a variety of fields to bring you the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed! Our curriculum focuses on the skills to grow your business or to get started. Our unique Business Plan Generator and Assessments are just two of the tools to propel your business to new heights!

We provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive entrepreneur learning software available. Only BridgePrep builds skill and confidence by creating a direct pipeline of knowledge from business owners to students. 

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See The Power of Innovate

BridgePrep brings together interactive tools, courses, and guidance needed to provide the best learning experience.

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Create the Career of Your Dreams

Our Professional product helps you develop the must have skills and catapult you to the head of the pack. Learn at your own pace directly from industry experts. Sign up today and take control of your career.

What’s in BridgePrep Innovate?

Integrated Modules designed to help build and maintain a competitive advantage. Click on each Module for additional information.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum provides learners with a variety of subjects and courses designed to build skill, knowledge and confidence.

Powerful Administrator Features

91% of Administrators want to gauge learner progress with the goal of improving skill. Administrators have a variety of tools that makes it easy to help learners develop and succeed.

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