October 2020

5 Tips on Connecting with Students with Distance Learning

The 20-21 back-to-school year will start with millions of students attending school virtually. Research shows that strong student-teacher relationships is a great benefit to students achieving outcomes in both the short and long-term. This includes improved grades, lower drop-out rate, fewer behavior issues, better attendance and fewer disruptions. With this in mind districts, schools, and teachers challenge is to continue to build the relationships regardless of the learning environment. This year is especially stressful and traumatic for everyone.

A well crafted strategy can help address this issue. Here are some tips on maintaining and improving the connections with students as distance learning persists:

  1. Focus on the relationship first then the grades
  2. Provide custom solution-based feedback
  3. Tap into the students passions and interests
  4. Allow for some fun
  5. Provide explicit instructions and allow for some latitude in the beginning

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