July 2020

The Apprenticeship Model
Historically doctors, locksmiths, and business executives learned through the apprenticeship model. Essentially people learned from the expert. This learning process increases the learning curve and limits mistake. If affordable this approach to learning is ideal, the problem is that this is a very expensive process.
With limited time and resources this model of learning has essentially disappeared. The individuals with the valuable knowledge are in high demand and as a result learners do not get the individual attention that they need. People are forced to learn on the job, which is ineffective and often times results in difficulties. The apprenticeship model is perfect for students, they have the time to dedicate to learn. This is the time that students should spend developing the skills to ensure success. Instead many students don’t have the resources and knowledge so they have to hope they are prepared when work starts.
Honing critical skills does not happen overnight. To compete in the global marketplace students need to spend time working developing the skills. Working on key skills is not enough, they need to work on the right things. This is where expert insight comes in, experts can provide direction, guidance and context for students to gain an advantage. Let’s further explore the top 5 advantages of the apprenticeship model. First, students will get direct insight on what to do. But maybe more important the learner will understand what not to do, this will save time and allow the student to focus. Next the student will understand the concepts based on real-world and relevant situations. This helps with critical thinking. The student can refine their thinking. This is where the critical thinking skills comes in. Students will be able to think through problems versus relying on memorizing information. Lastly is confidence. Students will be much more confident and spend more time to sharpen key skills.
In the Exploring Future Careers webinar we talked about entrepreneurs. Many aspiring entrepreneurs would benefit from an apprenticeship model but many entrepreneurs just don’t have the time to spare.
BridgePrep brings the apprenticeship model directly to learners. The software adapts to fit their needs and prescriptive based on insight from experts.

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