July 2019

Must Have Skills for Students in the 21st Century
“Excel and PowerPoint is just as important as speaking English in business.” This is a direct quote from a hiring manager at a global consulting company. Microsoft Office is critical for success. Excel and PowerPoint is not just a business tool. It is also used by non-profits, education and many other non-business organizations. Most people think that these tools are just for business but they are an important part of the all organizations. Moving forward these tools we be used more intensely in non-profit and education because of the power these tools provide decision makers.
When surveyed hiring managers believe that 87% of students are not prepared for the workforce and that being proficient with Excel and PowerPoint is a must. In other words these skills set are of the utmost importance and essential to success. Also when surveyed Microsoft Office skills were ranked 3rd out of all the skills by hiring managers in terms of importance.
The students that have not mastered these skills by graduation are at a huge disadvantage. This is like math, you cannot fake this, either you know it or you don’t. Mastering these skills take time and practice. This form of practice needs to happen prior to graduation, this way you can get all of the mistakes out of the way. I know Excel and PowerPoint isn’t exciting or glamour. The reality is these tools are a must and the skill set is in high demand in the job market. By simply understanding these two tools students are more competitive with their peers and in a better position to compete in the global marketplace.

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